We help deepen your knowledge of Japan's natural splendors. A short train ride from the city takes you to vast mountain ranges, sparkling lakes, lush forests, desert sands, and wildlife parks.

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Under the magnificent cherry blossoms
If discovering breathtaking displays of Sakura is your passion, come to Japan between February and May, when nature shows off like nowhere else on the planet.
If reveling in the power and majesty of water in nature is your passion, discover how Japan's infinite waterways embody the fluidity of Japanese history and culture.
Island life
If solitude and sea breezes are your passion, visit one or more of Japan's many islands. Leave home and the city behind and see a different side of Japan.
If lush, fastidiously groomed natural scenes are your passion, look no further than Japan. The meticulous public and private gardens, remnants of past nobility, will remain etched in your memory.

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